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"Our mission is to create a community of lifelong learners and leaders..."

The Women’s Academy of Excellence opened in 2004 as a single gender, public, uniformed learning environment with a private school feeling. Affectionately referred to as the WAE, the mission of the Women's Academy of Excellence is to create a community of lifelong learners, where students' intellectual curiosity and creativity is nurtured, and their developmental needs as teenagers are met to their individual satisfaction.

WAE Class Schedules

Period 1: 8:25 - 9:10
Period 2: 9:12 - 9:57
Period 3: 9:59 - 10:44
Period 4: 10:46 - 11:31
Period 5: 11:33 - 12:18
Period 6: 12:20 - 1:05
Period 7: 1:07 - 1:58
Period 8: 2:00 - 2:45

Dear WAE Parents and Scholars:


I pray that this letter finds our families safe and healthy. As you are aware, due to the COVID-19 virus, New York City schools, like most schools in the U.S., will be closed for the next few weeks. We know that you must have questions from “what is the educational plan” to “what is going to happen with graduation”?. As we all adjust our lives and daily schedules to deal with this crisis, I wanted to reach out to all of our families to let you know that we will get through this together. We also realize that this is a time where communication is key, and that communication must be clear and consistent. We know that being able to inform you of the continuous updates during these times is extremely important.


Let me begin by saying that in this time of great uncertainty, our priority is the welfare and safety of our scholars and their families. This unprecedented situation has challenged the way in which we educate our children; however, we are committed to providing the best educational opportunity possible during this difficult time. As a school community, we have been given the challenge of implementing a remote learning experience, which will give our students the opportunity to continue the learning process. We are all in it together, and we are open for your thoughts, feelings and recommendations.


We are excited about providing our scholars an educational opportunity through the Google Classroom. We are fortunate in that many of our teachers began using Google Classroom during the last school year. Our goal is to make this transition as easy and seamless as possible for our families, and we remain committed to delivering for you, however we can, during this difficult time.


This will be the format of our Learning:

  • We will use Google Classroom and require that our scholars meet online each period, following their actual daily schedules. All formative and summative assessments (exams) will be conducted online and graded.

  • The teachers will conduct video conference classes or will be available during the class period.

  • Students who are enrolled in PM School and Saturday Academy should continue to attend as scheduled online. I Learn (an online curriculum) will be used for Saturday school and some PM school classes.

  • If your daughter has no device to use for remote learning, please complete the online survey at https://coronavirus.schools.nyc/RemoteLearningDevices

  • Useful websites to maximize your child’s remote learning experience are posted in Google Classroom.

  • Kinvolve (https://kinvolved.com/log-in/) – should be used to send messages to teachers and the school. School messages and updates will also be sent through Kinvolve message.

  • https://pupilpath.skedula.com/ - should be used to get updates of your daughter’s academic progress or to communicate with your daughter’s teacher.

  • Please update your contact information. Email contact information to Assistant Principal Sol Cruz @ fsolcruz2@schools.nyc.gov or Ms. Burns (Parent Coordinator) @ sburns@schools.nyc.gov


Important contact information for any concerns or assistance:

1. Ms. Sol Cruz: fsolcruz2@schools.nyc.gov, - Assistant Principal/ Help with Google Classroom account

2. Ms. Negron: mnegron14@schools.nyc.gov – Para / Academic support/Attendance outreach – 9 th grade

3. Ms. Flores: sflores3@schools.nyc.gov – Para / Academic support/Attendance outreach – 10th grade

4. Ms. Newman: mnewman10@schools.nyc.gov – Dean/ Attendance outreach – 11th grade

5. Ms. Hernandez: ehernandez29@schools.nyc.gov – Para / Academic support/Attendance outreach – 12th grade

6. Ms. Small nsmall-taylor@schools.nyc.gov – Guidance Counselor/ Credits accumulation/ Graduation requirements

7. Ms. Burns: sburns@schools.nyc.gov – Parent Coordinator/ Trouble Shooting/Pupil path account

8. Ms. Matos: ematos12@schools.nyc.gov – School Secretary


We believe it is our role and responsibility during this time to prioritize the health and well-being of our families and our instructional team, while meeting our commitments to our children through upholding the mission and vision of our school. We miss our girls terribly and we will do all that we can to help them to be successful in this new experience of “remote learning” education. We are clearly in uncharted territory, but we believe that we will get through these challenging times stronger and more resilient than ever. We will continue to keep you updated.


All the best.


With Love and Respect,


Dr. Crocker



Below you will find some information on the COVID-19 virus pandemic provided by Assemblyman Michael Blake:


New York Family --


We will make sure to keep you informed of important updates as they come into us. Please share this email with friends and family or have them sign up to receive updates themselves by clicking this link.


Governor Cuomo has declared that all non-essential employees must stay home unless for critical services such as getting groceries, medical purposes, etc. The Governor signed an executive order called “New York State on PAUSE,” which is a 10-point policy to assure uniform safety for everyone. To find Guidance on Essential Services Under this order, please click here.


Important Phone Numbers


Price Gouging hotline: 800-697-1220


24-Hour Coronavirus hotline: 1-888-364-3065


Health related Information


The New York State Department of Health has a website specifically focused on Coronavirus, with the most up-to-date information, and can answer many questions for you or direct you to other locations to find the information you may be seeking.


The Basics


Need help with some possible basic income coming to you? The Collective Education Fund + Humanity Forward are partnering to bring direct UBI payments to those in need.


Need Food to Eat? World Central Kitchen is providing 10,000 meals a day to The Bronx and Queens, and are expanding their work every day.


Seeking other community resources? My Bronx Impact is a poverty reduction initiative is providing resources for our community. This is the power and passion that will help us all during these uncertain times.


Need information on Paid Sick Leave? Governor Cuomo announced an agreement with the Legislature on Paid Sick Leave Bill to provide immediate assistance for New Yorkers Impacted By COVID-19


Education Resources


Seeking resources to keep children safely learning? Educational materials are being provided to help you shape your day and keep your kids engaged.


Essential personnel, do you need safe care for your children? Regional Enrichment Centers will be open for you, starting March 23rd

A Message from the Chancellor


Principal:                                           Dr. Arnette Crocker

Assistant Principal:                     Ms. Florilinda SolCruz

Assistant Principal:                           Ms. Marlyn Rogers

Office Manager:                                      Ms. Erica Matos

Parent Coordinator:                               Ms. Sonja Burns

Dean:                                                  Ms. Mezzy Newman

Guidance Counselor:                             Ms. Najah Small