In-Person & Remote Learning Schedule:

In Person Learners:
In-person students will return to in-school learning on March 22, 2021. Student schedules will not change - students will continue to follow their existing schedules. 
March 24, 2021 is SAT School Day and only juniors taking the SATs should report to the school on that day. All students not taking the SATs will report to their classes virtually as normal. 
Remote Learners:
Remote students will continue to follow their current schedules without interruption. There will be no schedule changes. 
For Remote juniors taking the SATs, they will report to the school on March 24 for the exam, regardless of whether they are in-person or remote. 
If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Denice, Ms. Burns, or Ms. Ambrose. 

Changing Learning Preference

If you want to change your daughter's learning preference from Blended to Remote, please email Ms. Sol Cruz

Online Tutorial

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Principal:                                           Dr. Arnette Crocker

Assistant Principal:                     Ms. Florilinda SolCruz

Assistant Principal:                           Ms. Marlyn Rogers

Office Manager:                                    Ms. Laura Denice

Parent Coordinator:                               Ms. Sonja Burns

Dean/P.R. Coordinator:                   Ms. Mezzy Newman

Guidance Counselor:                 Ms. Najah Small-Taylor

Web Master/SPOC:                  Ms. Terri Bauer-Lamport

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