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We have had the honor of having three of our very own scholars, who were accepted and attended/attending Ivy League schools

Estefany Dominguez

Estefany Dominguez, WAE Class of 2017, is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University. She is majoring in Biology and Society and hopes to complete her Masters in Public Health in the near future. Next fall she will start teaching at Success Academy as a Life Sceinces teacher and hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists in NYC. In her free time at Cornell she enjoys getting ice cream from the Dairy Bar and jogging through the gorgeous hiking trails.


Aisha Twilley

Aisha Twilley, WAE Class of 2021. Is attending Dartmouth College where she majors in Public Health. Her ultimate goal is to attend medical school and become a doctor. Aisha is looking forward to attending Dartmouth to meet new people, create new memories and experiences, and learn as much as possible so that she can become a successful doctor. 


Al Tareb

Bachayr Al Tareb is a junior graduating early with the Class of  2022. She will be attending University of Pennsylvania, School of Art and Sciences to major in Data Analytics and Social Sciences. Her goal is to later go to Graduate school to get a Master’s in Finances and use these two powerful degrees to start building her career in the corporate world and represent empowered females in Corporate America. Her ultimate goal is to lead and start organizations that help and empower people, including the assistance of refugees and young people. In addition, it has been a dream of her's to be part of the United Nations and UNICEF, which she hopes to navigate to at some point in her career!

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